Vision Mission


Our Role

AIRC is dedicated to serving our clients in the agriculture sector with specialized agricultural information through innovation and modern technologies.


Our Vision

To be the choice centre of agricultural information, knowledge and skills in Africa and beyond.


Our Mission

To collect, process and share quality agricultural information and knowledge resources to the farming community and other stakeholders using integrated platforms.

Our Mandate

The mandate of AIRC is to collect, process and share Agricultural Information to farmers, CBOs, NGOs and Private sector. AIRC in partnership with various stakeholders in the Sector continue to produce agricultural mass media information, education and communication (IEC) materials that are disseminated to clients through integrated media platforms.

Our Core Value

AIRC implements this mandate through the following specialized units:

Mass Media Services Unit (consists of Radio, Video and Publication sub-units)

Agricultural Documentation Services Unit (ADoc),

Agricultural Library Information Services Unit (ALIS)

Training and Conference Unit

Business Development and Marketing Unit

Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

Information Partners

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