Training and Conference

Training & Conference

Training Unit

The unit offers training and conference facilities for hire at very competitive rates.

Training Services

The unit has a pool well trained personnel to conduct various agricultural training programs.

The Conference Services

The AIRC conferencing venue has a pleasant atmosphere and is ideal for meetings and workshops.

The well equipped conference facilities include

Operational Procedure For Conference & Catering Services

This process describes the procedure to be followed when providing catering and conference services at AIRC.

General Procedure

  1. The client makes a formal official request/booking for conference and catering services to the Director AIRC at least 1week before the activity.
  2. The booking is forwarded to the Head Training and copied to the Cateress AIRC.
  3. The Head Training enters the booking in the electronic diary, while the cateress records the booking in the diary book (hard copy).
  4. An official quotation/Proforma invoice is written by Head Training Unit/Cateress /Accounts.
  5. A formal letter indicating the terms of service together with a Proforma invoice is sent to the client.
  6. The client officially writes/email to the DAIRC/Head Training Unit /cateress accepting/negotiating/or rejecting the quotation or terms of service.
  7. The client pays full amount or at least 75% three days to the activity before the Centre commits to render the services applied for. Alternatively, a fully serviced LPO/LSO (for State organizations or where applicable) is delivered to the Centre at least three days to the activity before the Centre commits to render the services applied.

Hostel Walk-Ins

  1. The client walks into the Centre/calls Housekeeper/ Cateress/DAIRC/ Head Training Unit to book for the service.
  2. On arrival the client checks in through a register, pays for the days booked through Mpesa.
  3. The client is issued with an MR. receipt and rules governing their stay
  4. Upon accepting the rules through signing, the client is issued with a room key

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