At the time of preparation of Government budget estimate, AIRC will individually draw their annual work plans. After finalization of the work plans, the Procurement Officer (PO) will, in consultation with the suitable technical staff, compile from the work plan a list of goods, works and services included in the work plan. They will take into account the expected time of delivery of items or groups of goods, completion of goods, works and services into lists of contracts and estimated budget against each contract. Based on their individual costs estimates, the procurement method applicable to each contract will be determined and an implementation schedule drawn.


This process describes the procedure to be followed when procuring goods and services

1.1 Procurement of Goods

  1. The head of unit makes an official request to procure the goods to the Director AIRC on the prescribed form/format
  2. Once approved, the form is given to the Head Supply Chain Management  (SCM) who will disaggregate the purchases according to;
  • Cash purchase; this is done for goods whose amounts are less than Kshs. 30,000.00 and are to be purchased once during the financial year
  • Quotation
  • Contract
  1. Cash payment is done by the cashier or accountant
  2. LPO/LSO is raised by the SCM officer then approved by the Director
  3. LPO/LSO once approved is issued to the supplier
  4. The supplier delivers the goods with delivery note and invoice
  5. The goods are inspected by stores and the consumer and if found to be in order are accepted and received into the store
  6. Payment to the supplier begins (see procedure for payments)
  7. Stores issue the goods to the Unit using the prescribed forms

1.2 Procurement of Services

  1. The head of the unit makes an official request to procure the service to the Director AIRC on the minor or major contract form as appropriate
  2. Minor contracts whose amounts do not exceed KShs. 30,000 in a financial year (repairs, cleaning, etc,)
  3. The contract form is approved by the Director
  4. The contractor signs the form and commences work
  • The requesting unit supervises and certifies completion of the job by signing the form
  1. Head of unit makes a request for payment to the Director
  2. Payment is initiated by the accountant (see procedure for payments)
  3. Major contracts valued above Kshs. 30,000 in a financial year
  4. The job is advertised in an appropriate media
  5. Respondents are evaluated and awarded
  • For non-frequent jobs, quotations will be sent out to the prequalified contractors
  1. The respondents are adjudicated and the contract is awarded

Payment is made once the job has been executed and certified by the user

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