Agricultural Documentation Services

Agricultural Documentation Services

Documentation Services Unit

Main Function is to develop and share Agriculture content. Key activities in this respect :-

Agricultural Documentation Procedures

About ADOC

Agricultural Documentation (ADOC) is a unit of Agricultural Information Resource Centre (AIRC) that documents agricultural information and makes it easily available to various users.

The key mandate for ADoc is to make available to key players in the agricultural extension sector, the previously inaccessible extension documents on Kenyan Agriculture.

It achieves its stated objectives by undertaking the collection, organization, storage and dissemination of information which ranges from the unpublished literature in form of typed and cyclostyled reports, to the more advanced technical research reports and other non-conventional documents relating to Kenyan Agriculture.

Services Offered

The following services are offered by ADoC Unit to all stakeholders seeking informational services from AIRC.

The following services are offered by ADoC Unit to all stakeholders seeking informational services from AIRC.

i). User services

This involves the employment of different channels of information dissemination to pass on agricultural and related information to users on a user information-demand approach. This means that the potential Information seeker (or user) must either visit the AIRC facility or an exhibition stand to seek information or they may decide to make a telephone inquiry, write a letter, or visit our website.

ii). Current awareness services

In order to backup our user services with up to date information, this ADoC unit undertakes to review all the main newspapers in the country and other reputable agricultural magazines and catalogue important documentaries for future reference by information seekers. These articles can be downloaded at the ADoc webpage.

iii).Backstopping service to other Agricultural Information resource providers

In order to facilitate the right to information access by potential information seekers in the counties that are far from Nairobi, the ADOC unit undertakes upon itself and in collaboration with other information providers in the sector such as Infonet-Biovision and KARI RRCs, to develop the capacity of regional or county information desks from the agricultural sector ministries and linking them to the nation information repositories such as KAINet, FARA, among others. The unit undertakes this service by making several field visits to these information resource centers and equipping them with information resources and training on information management.

iv). Information resource repackaging

In order to bridge the information gaps as periodically identified by the AIRC monitoring and evaluation unit, ADOC is mandated to regularly review, repackage and organize editorial fora to ensure that the information services being offered by AIRC is up to date and accurate.

In order to fulfill this mandate the unit relies heavily on the inputs from experienced extension staff, research scientists mainly from KARI, and case studies on successful or practicing farmers and

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